Seth's Staff Pick - Jolie-Laide Glou d'Etat 2022

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Jolie-Laide Glou d'Etat 2022

Region: Sonoma, California
Grapes: 38& Valdiguie, 33% Mouvedre, 17% Grenache, 12% other (Cab Franc, Syrah, Carignan, Petite Verdot)
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Seth's Notes:

We’ve always loved Joie-Laide wines but their limited availability makes them something to enjoy on more of a special occasion than everyday.  Welcome the Glou d’Etat! Not only is this their first wine we can get (so far!) regularly, but it is also at a price we’re happy to buy regularly.  Sourced from vineyards spread around California it is fresh and juicy and perfect with a bit of a chill, yet accented with a touch of earth and gentle tannins making this not only a great ‘session’ wine but a versatile food wine as well.

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What do I like to drink?

I tend to lean into ‘old world’ styles of wines - but that doesn’t mean only wines from the old world - that have great acidity to them. These wines are naturally food friendly... and I like to do some damage in the kitchen. But overall I’m a very seasonal wine drinker - warm weather has me leaning into fresh rosés and vibrant whites and when the weather turns cool, I love some Nebbiolo and heavier reds to go with the braised and richer foods of the season.

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