Kim's Staff Pick - Strub 'Soil to Soul' Riesling

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Weingut Strub 'Soil to Soul' Riesling 2021
Region: Rheinhessen, Germany
Grape(s): Riesling
Drinks Best: Now - 5 Years

Kim's Notes:

Yes, this is a sweet Riesling, but before you quit reading because you "don’t like sweet wine," let me try to convince you otherwise! My husband rarely indulges in my wine selections, and when he does, he only drinks when I’m drinking. I brought this bottle home on a whim a few weeks ago and cracked it open with my husband over dinner. Color me surprised when not only did he drink a second glass, but I came home to an empty bottle the next night. He could not get over the fact that his favorite wine in a long time was a sweet Riesling.

As a wine pro, what I love about this wine is that the sweetness comes from the leftover sugar from the grapes; it’s not artificially sweetened or manipulated, which lends itself to a beautiful tangy fruit profile. Its refreshing crispiness also keeps the sugar in balance, making this bottle a certified porch pounder rather than a cloyingly sweet dessert wine. "Strub" is a small producer who selects the very best grape material from two of his vineyards to blend into his ‘Soil to Soul’ bottling, and at only $23, I think this is a stellar example of a well-balanced, terroir-driven, off-dry Riesling.

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What do I like to drink?

If I’m shopping for wine, most often I’m looking for an easy drinking light bodied red that still has some structure and non-fruit notes to it. I love anything that can be drank on its own while binging Netflix but enjoyed with dinner too. If I’m not drinking still red wine, I’m a sucker for bubbles. I love funky Pet Nats, classic Champagnes, and everything in between.

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