Kim's Staff Pick - Sorbara 'Alfredo Molinari' Lambrusco

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Cantina di Sorbara 'Dedicato ad Alfredo Molinari' Lambrusco NV

Region: Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Grape(s): Lambrusco Salamino
Drinks Best: Now - 2 Years

Kim's Notes:

I am a Lambrusco evangelist and I believe everyone who tastes this fun red sparkling will be a convert. Lambrusco is my favorite summertime wine. It’s light and effervescent enough to enjoy by the pool, but serious enough to hold up to an Italian pasta night. This wine is a dry sparkling red which combines two of my favorite styles of wine. Sparkling red wine may be unfamiliar to the American palate, but the Italians of Emilia Romana have been drinking this wine since ancient Roman times, and I believe they’ve had the right idea all along.

What's Cooking?

By a pool with a Poole’side pie

What do I like to drink?

If I’m shopping for wine, most often I’m looking for an easy drinking light bodied red that still has some structure and non-fruit notes to it. I love anything that can be drank on its own while binging Netflix but enjoyed with dinner too. If I’m not drinking still red wine, I’m a sucker for bubbles. I love funky Pet Nats, classic Champagnes, and everything in between.

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