Cat's Staff Pick - 'Diamant Liquide' Riesling

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Pierre Arnold 'Diamant Liquide' Riesling 2019

Region: Alsace, France
Grapes: Riesling
Drinks Best: Now

Cat's Notes:

Picture it, Christmas 1988. The tree is covered in hundreds of mini incandescent lights in warm white, your Grandpa is smoking his pipe in the chair in the corner, and your Uncle Pete is chugging beers in the kitchen telling dirty jokes. You are hoping that Santa will  bring you a Cabbage Patch Kid and a She-Ra doll. Life was simple and good with the richest of memories. That’s what this wine is- It looks like the shiniest liquid gold necklace and tastes like the finest diamonds. Done in the utmost classic French style where beautiful notes of white peach and lemon zest dance across your palate. Coming from Alsace, this wine also shows it’s roots in Germany (just like Christmas!), with tones of petrol, minerality and good acidity. This wine looks and feels like the holidays of past and present. Share it with your loved ones and reminisce.  

What's Cooking?

Chicken Sweet Italian Sausage with roasted fennel, onions, garlic and supremed oranges.

What do I like to drink?

Right now, I’m all about Lambrusco! From dolce to dry, the effervescent Lambrusco is the swiss army knife of wines! It’s fantastic on its own but can be made into fun batch cocktails for your next get together!

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