Cat's Staff Pick - Scheuermann Riesling Trocken

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Scheuermann Riesling Trocken 2021

Region: Pfalz, Germany
Grapes: Riesling
Drinks Best: Now - 5 years

Cat's Notes:

If y’all haven’t seen a trend with me yet, outside of Lambrusco, it’s anything and everything that Super Glou distributes. The winemakers that they work with alway produce delicious, easy going and easy drinking wines. Sheuermann Riesling is no exception. "We don't make German wine. We make Pfalz wine. In a Loire style." Words straight from the maker and it truly sums up their Riesling. Light, fresh, crisp, mineral driven and refreshing from the first sip to the last drop. Notes of green apple, crunchy yellow pear and bright minerality; this Riesling is delightful and well balanced.

What's Cooking?

Zucchini schnitzel with lemon and dill with a side of haluski - without bacon to keep it veg.

What do I like to drink?

Right now, I’m all about Lambrusco! From dolce to dry, the effervescent Lambrusco is the swiss army knife of wines! It’s fantastic on its own but can be made into fun batch cocktails for your next get together!

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