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Brand 'The Electric Chardonnay Acid Test' 2022

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Region: Pfalz, Germany
Grape(s): 90% Chardonnay, 10% Riesling
Winemakers: Daniel & Jonas Brand
Drinks Best: Now

Perhaps it comes from a youthful exuberance ignoring what they are told they cannot do, but in the few years since taking over their historic family winery, the young brothers Brand have begun to redefine winemaking in northern reaches of the Pfalz. Going beyond the organic flirtations of their father Jürgen, the Brand boys have transitioned to fully organic and biodynamic farming and are crafting wines with an electric spirit. This Chardonnay is blended with a touch of Riesling to keep the acidity high and your mouth watering. Minerality strikes the nose and lemon balm enlivens the palate. Granny smith apple provides extra tartness that begs the question...can you pass the acid test?

Pairing: Salmon burger with tzatziki, jalapeños, and avocado 
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