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De Martino 'Legado' Carmenere Reserva 2019

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Region: Maipo Valley, Anconcagua, Chile
Grape(s): Carmenere
Winemakers: Marcel Retamal, Eduardo Jordan, De Martino Brothers
Drinks Best: Now - 7 years

The De Martino name is a byword for quality, well-crafted Chilean wine. Each bottle is an honest expression of the grape varietal that highlights the terroir in which it grew. It’s a perfect way to produce Carmenere - once a Bordeaux varietal that was presumed extinct, but was rediscovered in Chile where they had originally thought it was Merlot! It certainly drinks like a fine Bordeaux with dark, plush fruit by the way of black cherry and currants with hints of leather. Refreshing notes of roasted poblano and red bell pepper complete the finish that is distinctly Carmenere.

Pairing: Carne Asada arepas
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