Melissa's Pick - Folk Machine Valdigue

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Folk Machine 'Film & Camera' Valdiguié 2021

Region: California
Grape: Valdiguié
Drinks Best: Now - 1 Year

Mel's Notes:

Folk Machines ‘Film & Camera’ Valdiguie is from Redwood Valley on the North Coast of California where Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Sauvignon Blanc are the most widely planted grapes in the region. Typically, I prefer softer, feminine, floral, and fruit-forward red wines (like Fleurie!) this time of the year but the fact that this grape variety, Valdiguie was once known as Napa Gamay caught my attention. Mischaracterized until the ’80s as Napa Gamay and some California producers still bottled Valdigiue as “Gamay Beaujolais“ until 2009! It was then that winemaker, Kenny Likitprakong started bottling it as a single variety. He sources grapes grown organically in California to create his delicious esoteric wines. Fleshy, vibrant, bright acid, and super fresh with lots of pomegranate, tart cranberry, black pepper, clove, and sage on the finish. It takes a chill well but is also great right out of the bottle

What I'm Eating? 

Let’s be honest…. What am I not eating on Thanksgiving? 

What do I like to drink?

I drink a wide variety of wines. I enjoy the journey wine takes you on. I do tend to lean towards the bright, funky, refreshing, higher acid wines- I love tart flavors! My taste buds change seasonally with the weather. In the cooler months, I gravitate towards floral, juicy reds.

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