Seth's Staff Pick - Jean Francois Quénard Jacquère

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Jean Francois Quénard Jacquère 2020

Region: Chignin, Savoie, France
Grape: Jacquère
Drinks Best: Now

Seth's Notes:
If the world was just, a bottle of delicious and refreshing Jacquere would be on every wine rack in North Carolina during the heat of the summer months.  But if it was, wines like Jean-Francois Quenard’s Jacquere wouldn’t be such a steal. As invigorating as the mountain breezes in the foothills of the French Alps where it is grown, this Jacquere is just a bit lower in alcohol (checking in at 11.5%) keeping it lighter on its feet.  The older vine material and partial malolactic fermentation brings just a touch of texture that balances out this bright wine with its lively mineral-driven finish. If I had to sit outside this time of year, this is one of the first wines I would grab to keep me cool and refreshed.

What's Cooking?

Outside it makes a great aperitif or pair it with chilled shrimp. If you’re inside, try it with Raclette!

What do I like to drink?

I tend to lean into ‘old world’ styles of wines - but that doesn’t mean only wines from the old world - that have great acidity to them. These wines are naturally food friendly... and I like to do some damage in the kitchen. But overall I’m a very seasonal wine drinker - warm weather has me leaning into fresh rosés and vibrant whites and when the weather turns cool, I love some Nebbiolo and heavier reds to go with the braised and richer foods of the season.

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