Leah's Staff Pick - Crystal Coast 'Salty Wind' Gose

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Crystal Coast 'Salty Wind' Gose - 16oz can

Region: Atlantic Beach, North Carolina
Style: Fruited Gose
Gravity: 4.4%

Leah's Notes:

Crystal Coast is a family-owned brewery started in 2017 that focuses on local ingredients, to bring a taste of Crystal Coast throughout North Carolina. This Salty Wind variant is a bright and fruity sour wheat ale, perfect for the spring (into summer) months. This Gose leads with a tangerine and citrus flavor, following with guava towards the end. The acidity of the citrus is balanced with a perfect amount of salt to round it out. Overall an excellent 'middle of the road' tartness that wouldn’t be too overpowering for someone new to sour beers. As this is a Gose it is also lighter on the hops and has a lower ABV, so it’s perfect for session drinking. Cheers!

What's Cooking?

This is a perfect beach beer or even something I would enjoy during a day at the pool. Feels fitting with your sandwich of choice - potato chips in the bread of course!

What do I like to drink?

I typically gravitate towards sours, ciders, seltzers, and fruit/wheat beers. I am not all that picky but with the summer months on the horizon I’ve been gravitating towards very sweet, fruit forward drinks. The more bubbles the better.

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