Kim's Staff Pick - Pulpe Fiction Muscadet

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Pulpe Fiction Muscadet 2021

Region: Muscadet Sèvre et Maine, Loire Valley, France
Grape(s): Melon de Bourgogne
Drinks Best: Now

Kim's Notes:

I picked this wine because it’s the perfect summer sipper! Pulpe Fiction is a fun funky take on on the classic Muscadet. It is a collaboration between Domaine Jousset, a legendary Loire producer, and Nicolas Reau, a formative member of the biodynamic wine movement. I love this wine because it is unfined and unfiltered with minimum sulfer added, but it still drinks super clean. This is the perfect introduction to natural wine. It is clean enough to be a classic crowd pleaser, but funky enough for the natty wine loving hipsters as well. This wine features notes of nectarine, green apple and oceanic minerality and would be great for your next back yard get together! 

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If I’m shopping for wine, most often I’m looking for an easy drinking light bodied red that still has some structure and non-fruit notes to it. I love anything that can be drank on its own while binging Netflix but enjoyed with dinner too. If I’m not drinking still red wine, I’m a sucker for bubbles. I love funky Pet Nats, classic Champagnes, and everything in between.

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