Corbett's Staff Pick - Cappelletti Aperitivo

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Cappelletti Apperitivo
Region: Trento Italy
Drinks best: Now and forever

Corbett's Notes:

Cappelletti is a vino amaro from northern Italy. I always have a bottle of this delicious wine in my fridge because it’s just a little bit bitter and a little bit fruity – just like me!
A couple of ounces in a good Prosecco makes a delicious spritz that’s not quite a sweet or bitter as Aperol or Campari. I also like to add it to seltzer water with a lime garnish (‘cause, you know, red and green) for an easy drinking, lower alcohol treat.
Cappelletti is a great sub for Vermouth in a Manhattan or Old Fashioned and it lightens up a Negroni quite nicely.

What's Cooking?

Pairs equally well with a raucous good time, or a quite night on the sofa.

What do I like to drink?
Madeira would be my desert island wine and although it was an everyday favorite in the colonial era, that may be a bit impractical today. If you’ve never tried Madeira, come talk to me!
I’m a bit of a collector at heart and I’ll try (and likely buy) lots of styles of wine.
I love Chenin Blanc for its stylistic versatility - what’s not to like about a grape that can be made crisp and dry, rich and oxidative with great aging potential, sparkling, or fully sweet. I like my red wines light, high-acid, and low alcohol with a nice chill. Gamay is a go-to red whether I want something simple for the porch, or something a bit more serious for a special dinner. I’m also a huge fan of aromatized wines and think everyone should drink more vermouth.
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