Second Course: Rosé All Day

Second Course: Rosé All Day

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Rosé marks the start of Summer, there’s no doubt about it. Most of the new vintages make their debut in April and early May, and we don’t look back until the leaves turn brown. It’s the unofficial, official beverage of warmer weather and sunny days. Drier styles of rosé have grown in popularity over the last few years in the States, as we join the rest of the wine drinking world, leaving the misconception behind in the crushed White Zinfandel dust that all rosés are sweet.

In this class you’ll be able to try 5 different types of rosé - everything from the quintessential Provencal style that is traditional and classic for Summer sipping, to darker and more full-bodied styles to enjoy all year long. Throughout the class we’ll go over how to taste wine, but also what makes rosé so unique and more than just a seasonal beverage. We’ll start with a brief history and talk about the regions from which each rosé hails, the grapes used to craft these wines, what to look for when purchasing rosé, as well as classic food pairings that will have you dreaming of sitting seaside at a Southern French café. It’s a fun, interactive way to learn a little bit more about the world of rosé, and a chance to find some new favorites to take home with you and to stock up for the season!

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