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Vincent Fleith 'Steinweg' Riesling 2000

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Region: Haut Rhin, Alsace, France
Vineyard: Steinweg Vineyard
Grape(s): Riesling
Winemaker: Vincent Fleith
Drinks Best: Now - 5 Years
Picture’s the year 2000, Destiny’s Child are dominating the charts, the Backstreet Boys have been hyping up the Millennium since May of ‘99, low-rise jeans are way in style, tracksuits are killing it, Y2K is a thing, dial-up internet is so loud,  AIM is the social leader of the times, and Vincent Fleith is making this Riesling - yes, this very bottle! Riesling is made to age well with bracing acidity and structure, and a beautiful ability to mellow out while maintaining character. This wine is dry but full-flavored with ripe peaches, honeyed notes, a hint of the classic Riesling petrol and sweet flowers on the nose, and zippy lemon shortbread the finish. Check it out! 

Eating Szechuan and watching Shrek
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