Second Course: Island Hopping

Second Course: Island Hopping

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The sun, the breeze, the sand. Black soils, craters, a dry volcanic landscape.

Many islands of the world may not be the epitome of the beach vacation that the word ‘island’ evokes, however a select few are primed for producing some of the world’s most fascinating wines. And although the wine produced on these far away specs of land are as different and unique as the topography and the people who inhabit each one of them, terroir that can only be found off the mainland and cultures created through centuries of separation draws a common thread through these fascinating wines.  For our ‘Second Course: Island Hopping’ we're taking you sailing around European seas and beyond visiting far off places rich with history, special terroir, and native grape varietals that craft stunning and unique wines.   

Throughout this 1.5-hour course we’ll take you on a wine tour around the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean tasting five wines. We’ll cover the basics of each region, starting from the ground up – the soils, the weather, the climate and how this effects how they grow the grapes and the end result in the bottle. We’ll also cover regional cuisine and give some fun food pairings for each style of wine that we taste, as these regions are also a gastronome’s dream. Together these islands they form a style that you can only find from islands, and share a culture of tight-knit farmers that produce small batches of these exotic, native wines. Come take an island vacation with us!


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