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Knauss 'La Boutanche' Trollinger 2021 - 1L (Liter)

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Region: Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Grape(s): Trollinger
Winemaker: Andi Knauss
Drinks Best: Now - 2 Years
Another delicious addition to importer Selection Massale’s line of easy-drinking natural wines. This time working with Andi Knauss - whose alter ego is the grasshopper - out of southern Germany. Andi and his father made wine at home for many years while working at the local Mercedes factory before founding an estate in his home village of Strümpfelbach. Vineyard land is expensive in the area so they had to build parcel by parcel and even sometimes row by row. His Trollinger, known as Schiava in Italy, can be served chilled for maximum refreshment and chuggability or served closer to room temperature for more structure and spice. Either way shows bright Bing cherry fruit and vivacious energy. 

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