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Karamolegos 'Feredini' Assyrtiko

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Region: Santorini, Aegean Islands, Greece
Grape(s): Assyrtiko
Winemaker: Artemis Karamolegos
Drinks Best: Now - 2 years
Artemis Karamolegos founded his winery in 1952 built on a passion for winemaking that was passed down to him from his grandfather who long ago used to make wine in a small cave. In 2004, the winery made a dynamic entry into contemporary winemaking when Artemis’ grandson invested in the production facility and began producing wine of protected designation of origin for the first time. Today, the winery is the third largest in Santorini and continues to earn awards and accolades for the quality of their wines. ‘Feredini,’ named after the traditional knife used for harvesting grapes in Santorini, is made from the indigenous varitetal, Assyrtiko. It is crisp and refreshing with notes of bright lemon, lime, and an oceanic, saline minerality.

Pairing: Atherinopita - a seafood pie made by frying tiny fish with onions and flour
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